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Radio Alice

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First things first: Radio Alice is a pizzeria. Second things second: it’s a pizzeria named after Radio Alice, a pirate radio station that broadcasted in the 1970s from a two-room attic in the centre of Bologna. So it’s no coincidence that Bologna is where our story begins with Matteo and Salvatore Aloe. Skint out of university and bored by the clichéd red-checked tablecloths and faux Italian music, the brothers wanted to put their own mark on the humble pizza. The focus was on respect and joy. Respect in the form of mother yeast, ancient stoneground flour and organic ingredients to create a light base that was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Joy in the form of adding the toppings after the base was cooked, so you could appreciate their full flavours. The result was Berbere: a pizzeria that had eyebrows raised and appetites whetted all over Italy. Six years, five restaurants and numerous outstanding reviews from critics later, the brothers met their friend Emma King, a co-founder of Gail’s bakery, and made a plan to come to London. The only difference was – perhaps the result of a few negronis – it would be called Radio Alice. Although it only ruled the airwaves for just over a year, the legacy of Radio Alice lives on long after the microphones were silenced. Its fiery spirit and unconventional attitude gave a voice to many, but at its heart were respect and joy. We hope today’s Radio Alice will be much the same. Evviva Radio Alice!

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Mon – Thurs: Noon – 11.30pm Friday - Sat: Noon - midnight Sun: Noon – 11pm



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